“After the IPO we will acquire more: fashion is an example to us”

“After the IPO we will acquire more: fashion is an example to us”

Italian Design Brands (IDB) is preparing to become the first public company in the furniture industry with its listing on Euronext Star. And, after the IPO, to continue to expand the perimeter with acquisitions of companies with a turnover of even more than 50 million euros. Widening its gaze, despite its name, even beyond national borders: the example of how to build a large industrial aggregate, says the CEO, is provided by haute couture.

Plans after the IPO

Among the news there is also the entry of TIP, which has just taken over 51% of Investindesign, which owns 67% of IDB. But it is to the IPO (scheduled for 18 May) that attentions turn: “Now is the right time to do it,” CEO Andrea Sasso comments with L’Economia by il Corriere della Sera. “We are listing to attract capital and grow further, through the visibility that the market can give to our brands, transparency and new talent. We are convinced that managerialising companies facilitates the attraction of skills and helps take them where they would not go on their own”.

The example of fashion

IDB’s latest turnover was 265 million euros, up 40%. “Thirty per cent comes from acquisitions, which for us are not extraordinary growth, while 10 per cent is organic growth,” Sasso continues. Combinations remain the focus of the industrial plan (there would be three dossiers ready). By virtue of the resources and expertise coming from TIP and the Stock Exchange, the design group can first of all raise the bar: so far it has been fishing among companies with a turnover of between 5 and 50 million euros, now it can also look to larger ones. Moreover, it can aim at international scenarios. The group represents “a cohesive and robust nucleus of made-in-Italy companies,” the CEO concludes, “but it is not excluded that, after the stock exchange, we could look abroad. We would not invent anything new after all: fashion has given us the model”.

Photos of Meridiani interiors (IDB group) from social media

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