At Lineapelle93 seminar on legal safeguard of samples

How can samples be protected, from a legal and pragmatic point of view? That’s a frequent question asked by fashion entrepreneurs. The issue has been discussed at Lineapelle93 in the morning, during the seminar “Safeguarding tannery and fashion suppliers samples”. We often assume that law does not meet such needs, yet it’s not really like that” points out Matteo Mussi, a solicitor from Milan Lawtelier law office. “We have a number of legal tools to protect companies- adds the lawyer. We just need to decide which is best according to the set of samples to be protected”. When it comes to peculiar samples, based on an innovative sense of beauty, “design is the best way to safeguard them” points out Mussi; conversely, with regard to other samples whose peculiarity is given by special treatment, and the item is resulting from innovation, shorter timings and lower costs, “business secret is strongly advisable”. Such tips provide valuable choices, made feasible by tools supplied by ICEC. Given a real example, says the lawyer: “Entrepreneur is supposed to give evidence of being the first manufacturer of that specific item, and ICEC tools are much of assistance in such process. For instance, if we present a product these days and we find out, in six months or so, that someone has counterfeited it, law will safeguard the original manufacturer for three years”.


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