Argentina, building site for Lanús Curtidor Industrial Park to kick off shortly

A new tanning industrial park, situated in Lanús, is due to open in a short while. In fact, in the Argentinian town they have started working to build the Curtidor Industrial Park: it will extend across a wide and diversified area, split into 23 lots of land, which over 60 companies are going to occupy.

Quite an opportunity for the industry

The aim is to reduce production costs, by closely connecting several companies in the industry, and, at the same time, to limit pollution effects. It is no coincidence, then, that the park will be equipped with a sewage treatment plant, which is going to purify 8,000 cubic metres of wastewater a day: in so doing, they will successfully prevent discharge of sewage into the river Riachuelo, which unfortunately still suffers from toxic and polluting wastes drained by a few factories around.

The project

They planned to build and open a new industrial park long time ago, in 1983 for the records, but they actually started building the site just a short while ago. The park will also be equipped with facilities for employees working in tanneries; furthermore, they will check shipments, coming in and out of the area, while placing them on a big weigh station.


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