Austrian Andreas Kindermann (Wollsdorf Leather) is the new president of Cotance European tanners association

Cotance, the European Confederation of national leather tanning associations, held their annual meeting, yesterday in Verona, to renew their presidency appointments. After being  in charge for two years, German Thomas Bee (Schafstall Holding GmbH, right in the picture) is going to be replaced by Austrian Andreas Kindermann (on the left, in the picture), who takes over as new president of the confederation. He is the chief executive officer of Wollsdorf Leather tannery, founded in the early years of 1900 and specialized in the manufacturing of leather for car interiors (most of all, for steering wheels), home furnishings and airplanes. During the meeting, in which Kindermann was appointed as new president of the confederation, Cotance took stock of the situation about Europe’s leather tanning industry, mostly focusing on the needs for new advertising tools and languages that may suitably convey European leather top quality and sustainability. They also addressed, to great extent, another topical issue: tanneries clients are demanding more and more for urgent protocols and chemical tests.


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