Business trends: footwear and leather goods between ups and downs, automotive holds steady, fast pace for small accessories

Footwear and bags are still getting over a complicated economic situation. Where are they heading for? Hopefully towards better outcomes. Peculiar times for clothing, while automotive is expected to reinforce a positive trend in 2017. Fast pace for small accessories. Waiting for sampling to turn into purchase orders, the three-day-fair opens a window on the future: a massive number of new contacts, and let’s see how things go in 2017.Giancarlo Dani, chairman of Dani tanneries based in Arzignano , says that” footwear, for which we supply men and sport shoe factories, held  quite steady, as much as automotive”. In addition to both “classic” markets, Dani are ready to supply interior design as well, for which “we have stores containing hundreds of new colours”. “ Customers(women) never say no to bags”, stresses Maurizio Ingegno (Faeda, based in Montorso Vicentino,Vicenza), adding that “footwear turnover apparently slowing down “is mainly due to season shortening, as winter does not exist any longer”. According to Lara Toscano, marketing manager for Gruppo Mastrotto, leather goods and footwear outcomes were ”good”, although they represent “niche markets” for the company based in Arzignano (Vicenza). “ We are about to speed up with manufacturing anyway- adds the manager- as young designers are starting to become more and more familiar with such materials”. Footwear production may benefit from dollar rate of exchange, that “makes us stronger toward Chinese and Indian competitors”, comments Enrico Banti, deputy chairman of Alaska tannery. Summer is not a good season for leather clothing: leather and summer (and summer fashion trends) do not mix:” Suggesting light materials, to be matched to fabrics- say Romano representatives- may arouse the market though”. As for accessories, such as belts, “it is a good season, especially thanks to demand for medium-size brands and artisan quality- recaps Nico Baldinini, Texas CEO. That makes the market very lively”.



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