Bags by Chanel and Gucci and shoes by Louis Vuitton: RBC Europe tells about luxury Chinese love

RBC Europe investment bank published a survey about the international luxury brands Chinese customers, the wealthiest ones, like the best. They asked interviewees the following question: “Are you going to buy, in the next 12 months, a branded bag? What brand are you going to choose?” Consumers would first choose Chanel (20%) and Gucci (16%), then Hermès (12%), Prada (9%), Louis Vuitton and Dior (8% both). Slightly lower rankings for Armani (6%) and Versace (2%). Survey makers selected 643 individuals whose yearly income amounts to 200,000 yuans, around 26,400 euros, at least; Millennials (aged 18 to 34) composed a majority of the interviewees (62%). Buyers spoke out their favourite choice about luxury footwear as well: top ranking for LV (20%), ahead of Gucci (19%), Prada (13%) and Dior (10%); Ferragamo, who used to be one of the 5 best performers, for several years, is not in the top five list. As for watches, Rolex places first (20%), while Tiffany ranks best as to jewels (26%).


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