Berluti makes public Kris Van Assche first collection to celebrate leather and its value

A model is posing before shelving racks, in a store, where you can see hundreds of leather samples piled up on the pallets. He is wearing leather trousers, as well as leather shoes; he is holding a leather jacket under his arm. Likewise, another model holds a leather small suitcase while wearing leather shoes and posing in front of some machines: here some artisan female workers are manufacturing leather bags. Such are some of the early images of the first collection by Kris Van Assche for Berluti. The fashion brand, which belongs to LVMH group, made them public in the social networks to tell about the spring-summer 2019 capsule collection, while waiting for the next fashion show, scheduled in Paris in January. Models are wearing items of clothing and accessories inside the Berluti manufacturing plant, located in Ferrara. The scenario is very simple and essential: female artisan workers are making iconic products, while in the background shelves are full of raw skins and hides, something special and precious indeed. That’s the way Berluti presents and enhances the collection, while showing simultaneously where it comes from, its origin and its present appearance. For Berluti the key word of Kris Van Assche first capsule collection is “simplicity”, which also applies to articles of clothing and apparel style. Lines are neat, simple and smooth, while volumes and materials emphasize the distinguishing features of items for men and sport articles. Snapshots highlight a contrast between black and white colours in the large dark shoulder bag, as well as shades of blue and red in shoes and small suitcases. Next to a small white shoulder bag, you can see a red zipper jacket. Both are leather items.


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