Elbaz and Della Valle’s happiness: here is the new Tod’s Factory collection

Happy! was a global hit by Pharrell Williams. Now, the very idea of happiness becomes the basis of the collaboration between Tod’s and Alber Elbaz. The result is the “Tod’s Happy Moments by Alber Elbaz” collection, part of the “no season” Tod’s Factory project.

Happier than that

The stated goal of Elbaz is “to tell the happiness that Tod’s gives at different times of the day or at different times in life”. The designer re-read the DNA of Tod’s, creating a series of driving shoes “reinterpreted in an aerodynamic key, very colourful and unstructured” or “mounted on sneaker bottoms, covered with logos, or not”. The collection was presented yesterday in Paris  for the first time and, subsequently, will travel to other international capitals, arriving in selected boutiques with 2 different delivery timings: the first starting from July 11, the second in September.

The “visual bulimia

“I wanted to leave the fashion world: I used to hate it, while still loving the people of this world”, said Elbaz in an interview published by MFFashion, explaining how the “visual bulimia” generated by the online often makes you lose sight of the quality of the product.

The relationship with Diego Della Valle

“I met him two years ago – explains Elbaz -. I was impressed by the people who work in his company, with their hearts and hands. For me Tod’s is Diego and Diego is Tod’s”. Elbaz concludes the interview by telling his dream “Working for a technological brand” and believes that the pressure that exists today in the fashion world risks drowning young talent.

Images Tod’s Press Office


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