Brazil’s beaches are shrouded in mystery, as ocean brings back tanned hides. Where are they coming from?

On October 24, in the morning, residents of Ipioca, a very beautiful beach area located to the north of Maceiò, woke up with a rather weird surprise: they found, on the beach, 7 packages of finished leather. The parcels, quite unusual indeed, which were rotted (and stinking too, as reported by local press) because of their staying in the ocean for a long time, aroused the astonishment and curiosity of pedestrians and local authorities. At the same time, in other places, in the region of Alagoas (namely Coruripe, Jequià da Praia, Marechal Deodoro), swimmers and residents found something alike: tanned skins and hides brought back to mainland from the Atlantic. Local authorities are currently flabbergasted. For the time being, they promise they will investigate into the matter to find out more about the leather packs. Still they do not know where they come from: presumably a commercial ship lost them, and the treasure shipwrecked over there. Who is the owner anyway? Who knows. (Picture taken from


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