Brazil’s leather export went up in 2017. Just in terms of volumes though, as revenues decreased by 6,5 per cent

Revenues down and volumes up: in 2017 Brazil exported 202,3 million square metres of leather, thus reaching an overall turnover of 1,9 billion dollars. In other words, sales volumes increased by 4,3 per cent, whereas incomes dropped by 6,5 per cent on annual basis. Such data are provided by CICB, the association of Brazilian tanneries, in their annual report. It turns out that in 2017 Brazil’s best clients were respectively China (27,5 per cent), Italy (18 per cent) and The USA (15,2 per cent). Last year Italy’s import, in particular, increased by 11 per cent, in terms of earnings, and went up by 29 per cent in terms of volumes. Looking at Brazil’s exports on the whole, finished leather still represents the majority share (over 50 per cent), though it slightly slowed down (-11 per cent, compared to 2016), while wet blue increased (+14 per cent). Meanwhile Brazilian tanning industry has laid a foundation stone. On January 12 Fuga Couros tannery got, for the very first time in Brazil, the Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability (CSCB), that is, the certificate of environmental and social sustainability endorsed by CICB, and mutually acknowledged by IAF and ILAC, international certification associations.


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