Brazil’s leather exports slump in April, as they drop by 15% in value (volumes go up by 4,2% though). Good news just for crust

Brazil’s leather exports have been collapsing with regard to value. In fact, in April Brazilian raw material exports considerably decreased, in terms of value, -15,12%, compared to last year same period. Earnings coming from sales reached 137 million dollars. Such data have been provided by the Secreteria de Comércio Exterior (SECEX), the Brazilian government agency that operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Development and Industry. They monitor and manage international trade deals. For the records, in April leather exports decreased even compared to March, as they dropped by 7,1%. Considering figures and trends more closely, the only good news is about crust, whose exports, in terms of value, increased by 22,7%. As regards salted leather, sales declined by 43,5%, while wet blue and split leather decreased by 14,5%; ultimately, as for finished leather, exports went down by 20,2%. Yet, on the other hand, the overall export volume increased by 4,2%, compared to April 2017, reaching 16,9 million square metres. Looking into figures again, exports of wet blue leather went up by 8,1%, whereas, in contrast, finished leather dropped by 11,3%.


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