Brazil’s meat export goes up in double figures, but EU is on the alert because of the Trapaça case. Joesley Batista discharged from prison

Brazilian meat exports have been increasing in double figures, and they are expected to grow in double digit in 2018 as well. Such is the brilliant performance of Brazil’s meat export in the recently ended month: +21% in terms of volumes, on annual basis, and +22% in terms of revenues, thus reaching an overall turnover of about 482 million dollars. Data, provided by Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and processed by the association of manufacturers, legitimate optimistic forecast for the whole year, namely +10%. Yet Brazilian livestock and farming industry is about to face quite tough times. In fact, as reported by Globalmeat News, the European Commission is already taking actions to obtain a stop of the businesses involved in the Trapaça case. Even though it is not still clear to what extent investigation into false certifications is concerning red meat (apparently the scandal is mostly focused on the poultry-farming industry so far), some big blows are well predictable. In the meantime, talking about entanglements between Brazilian livestock farming industry and crime news, the solicitors of the Batista family announced that Joesley Batista, former president of JBS, has been discharged from prison, shortly after his brother Wesley. He had been in jail for 6 months or so.


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