Trump brings down USA brands: “War with China cannot happen”

“Oh dear Donald, think it over. Or at least leave footwear out of this confrontation”. The letter sent to the White House’s resident with the hope he buries the (commercial) hatchet with China was signed and sent by US-based footwear retailers of all types and dimensions. The list includes brands of all sizes, from Nike to Footlocker to Under Armour, a plethora of brands as different as the types of shoes that can end up involved in the duties’ escalation currently taking place within the trade war confines between Beijing and the Washington. All types of footwear are involved: there are sneakers, sandals, boots, technical footwear and other types, even ski boots. Two main aspects of this situation are making brands particularly nervous: first of all, as it has already been highlighted by FDRA, the consequences on US consumptions due to the steep increase of products’ prices. And second, the effects on the supply chain systems of all companies with close ties to China. It isn’t easy to think of bringing production to other Asian countries, argue some brands, because the footwear one is “a highly capital-intense industry”, which requires “years of planning”. The solution for Nike & Co is one: “The trade war must end”.



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