Brazil’s troublesome meat industry to face Trapaça recent inquiry, while the Batistas get their assets seized

Allegedly, they attended to fraudulently write up, on a regular basis, false laboratory testing reports to obtain product, quality and process certifications. A new inquiry, named Trapaça (namely swindle), is focusing on such alleged crime, while getting in the sights public and private centres for meat export certification. The inquiry arises from Carne Fraca court case. As a consequence of it, they provisionally suspended the accreditation of the laboratories involved in the legal proceeding, and they might even cancel it definitely. The new inquiry, which apparently concerns, for the time being, poultry farming rather than red meat, is bound to destabilize again trade relations between Brazil and their international partners. As reported by Brazilian press, 10 people were arrested, including, among them, one of the former presidents of BRF group. Meanwhile, talking about the judicial scandals that overwhelmed Brazilian livestock and farming industry over the last year, on February 20 Wesley Batista, former chief executive of JBS and key defendant in the Lava Jato inquiry, was discharged from prison, after a six-month provisional detention. He cannot leave the country nor take any new offices in the multinational corporation he formerly led. No more good news though. In fact, his brother, Joesley, is still in jail; in addition to that, Brazilian court ordered the seizure of J&F’s stocks. Hence, the holding, run by his family, cannot make use of 238 million reals (about 60 million euros).


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