Commercial war between The USA and China is about to affect leather shortly. What will China do after Trump’s duties on bags?

The first mutual moves, between China and The United States, still have not affected the leather industry so far: neither customs duties on import of Chinese products, imposed by US President Trump in spring and entered into force at the beginning of July, nor the ones applied in response by China, have been concerning leather items. That was quite a relief for USHSLA, the US association of Hide, Skin and Leather traders. Just a short one, though. In fact, as reported by international press, The United States and China are still having a number of arguments: at this point, the following restriction measures, related to international trade, might also include hides, crust and semi-finished leather. We may assume it because Trump’s government is going to set a new list of goods and articles, imported from China, on which they will apply a 10% duty. In the list, you can find leather bags, gloves and accessories: supposedly, they are due to complete the measure by the end of summer. Analysts have been already venturing various interpretations: on the one hand, additional duties will drive rising prices for US consumers; on the other hand, North American brands will be compelled to reorganize their own value chain. On top of that, we would like to emphasize that such move will entitle China to take new retaliatory actions. Expectations cannot be that good.


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