Turnover increased by 0,6% for Tempe, Inditex’s shoe factory, as revenues exceeded 1,2 billion euros. Profits dropped by 14% though

Despite top record sales, profits decreased by 14% compared to 2016. Such is the 2017 financial statement of Tempe, the company that runs footwear manufacturing for all the brands of Spanish group Inditex. Inditex owns 50% of Tempe, whereas the other owner is a businessman, Vicente Garcia Torres: over the last year, Tempe’s revenues amounted to 1,246 billion euros (+0,6% compared to 2016), and net profits reached 81 million euros (-14% compared to 2016). Profits have been decreasing by 14% for the second straight year. Both owners shared 21 million euros. Founded in 1989, Tempe currently employ about 1,500 workers and have offices in Mexico, Brazil, China, Hong Kong and India. Compared to ten years ago, the company have doubled their footwear supply: in 2007, their earnings reached 483 million euros, while selling around 32 million pairs of shoes. Tempe are about to enlarge their store located in Elche (Alicante), which currently extends across an area of 150,000 square meters. Aiming at 250,000 square meters.


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