Discovery at the University of Cambridge: leather shoes from 300 years ago as a good luck charm. Which seems to work…

A lucky shoe from 300 years ago has been found inside the University of Cambridge. During restoration work on a room in the British university, a leather shoe was found, the left shoe of a pair in what today would be size 39. Nothing strange there. But the curiosity of the researchers was aroused by two elements: the position in which it was found (behind the wall of a chimney, near a window) and a hole in the sole. According to Richard Newman, member of the Cambridge Archaeological Unit, the shoe was part of a magic ritual designed to rid the building of evil spirits. And the ritual would appear to have worked, given that the structure is still standing after 300 years and all the negative events that have occurred. The shoe will be kept closed in a capsule and put back in place after the renovations works. Probably a talismanic decision, but since the ritual seems to have worked until now, why not?


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