Duties and a crisis in the footwear sector on one side, automotive and domestic market on the other: the doubts surrounding China’s tanning industry show at ACLE

If the hosts aren’t positive, then the tradeshow can’t be positive. All China Leather Exhibition, the leather fair that took place inside Shanghai’s International Expo Centre (August 29-31), has felt the doubts about the Chinese tanning sector throughout all three days. As shown by CLIA’s numbers, reference association for the entire leather market of Beijing, the concerns of sector operators are many. Moreover, certain situations, that would further complicate the situation for businesses rather than facilitate trade, are appearing on the horizon. The industrial textile’s reform in North China, and the challenges that leather shoes face, are taking a toll on businesses. Adding on, the possibility of the continuation of the commercial war with the United States is making operators worry. But CLIA isn’t ready to give up yet, and it looks to other possibilities for the near future. Which ones? There are internal ones, such as the demographic push that will come from the new 2-children policy, which will cause increased purchases, and moreover, the soon-to-come maturity of the domestic marketplace, which will push national manufacturers to invest in quality, technology, and brand identity. More in general, the growth outlook for the leather segment in the automotive and furniture industries is positive.


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