Earthquake aftermath: Brands are back on track, despite some of their workers being homeless

“The greatest discomfort, right now, is for people” declared Marco Luppa, CEO of Conceria del Chienti, a tannery based in Tolentino (Macerata) in the Marche region, in the aftermath of Sunday 30th of October earthquake. The quake did not affect Conceria del Chienti’s plant, but it definitely complicated the lives of its employees. “Out of 65 employees, at least fifteen had their house damaged” continued Luppa. Today the drums work regularly, but our concerns are not going away anytime soon. “It cannot be otherwise, considering the shock that we have been repeatedly experiencing in recent days and, even more, the uncertainty of what the future holds.” All Marche’s tannery and leather factories are trying to be back on track despite recent happenings. Company LAIPE Tolentino (the brains behind the brand ‘Cromia’) said it had almost all its employees back to work after the earthquake. ”Let’s start again.” one of them said. At the headquarters of renowned armchair brand Frau, that it’s also based in Tolentino, the production did not stop even on Monday 31st of October, although the offices being closed for the long weekend for ‘All Saints day’ celebrations. “Luckily, the building was not damaged” stated Frau’s press office failing to reveal on employee’s attendance and possible benefits and aid for its workers. The situation is even more critical in Camerino. Luciano Ramadori, provincial Director of the CNA (National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Sized businesses) declared that “there is a desire to start again is there, but economic activity cannot work in a deserted city. The arrival of temporary shelters is critical because if you do not bring home to the people, it is impossible to revive an economy brought to its knees”. A broader evaluation of the problems faced by enterprises will be determined in the following weeks.


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