Eco-leather does not exist. In Brazil, the CICB fights against fakes. Stores blitz and brands under investigation

In April they patrolled the state of São Paulo, while for the month of May they plan to check the streets of the states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. They went to the shops, browsed through the product data sale sheets, scrutinised communications between producers and retailers. These are some of the techniques used to identify and report improper uses of terms such as eco-leather, synthetic leather, synthetic leather and so on. CICB are the “vigilantes” of the Leather Law Blitz movement, of the Brazilian Association of the Tanning factories, whose mission is to safeguard compliance with Law 4.888 / 65, that defines the use of the definition of leather and sanction abuses. The operations of the CICB Task Force also monitors daily newspapers and websites. Since the initiative launched in 2013, is in its seventh editions inspected of 16,000 stores. The leather-like synthetic material fraud is a never-ending battle. On this side of the pond, this fight also involves the UNIC, who is regularly engaged with his law office to enforce national provisions (see 11427: 2015 of the UNI, the Italian Normative Body) and International (lastly Community Directive 2005/29) that accurately define what leather is


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