LVMH’s stunning results: fashion and accessories +38% on 2019

LVMH’s stunning results: fashion and accessories +38% on 2019

What you see in the picture isn’t a spaceship model, but rather a metaphor for the explosive stunning of LVMH during the first semester of 2021. It’s called Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up (image taken from It’s a wireless speaker that takes inspiration from its Toupie handbag and made of steel and leather and costs 2,450 euro, and according to operators is set to soon be sold out. The goal is to repeat the exploit of the Horizon headphones (1,010 euro). A metaphor, because an accessory such as this one is no longer something surprising as far as Louis Vuitton’s collections go. It’s rather a symbol of the group’s house.

LVMH’s stunning results

LVMH had a revenue of 14.7 billion euro during the 2nd quarter of 2021, recording an organic growth of +14% not on 2020, but on 2019. An amount equal to half a billion more than forecasted by analysts. A stunning performance that was mainly pushed by the sales of the Fashion & Leathergoods division, up by 40%. During the first semester, revenue reached 28.7 billion euro, or 14% more than that of the 1st semester of 2019, with profits from recurring operations touching 7.63 billion euro (+44% on 2019).

Fashion & Leathergoods division

Impressing numbers, if it wasn’t that LVMH can show even more outstanding ones. For example, those of the Fashion & Leathergoods division: fashion and accessories have reached record levels, as far as revenue goes, with a +81% growth compared to the January-June 2021 period and +38% on the same period of 2019. USA and Asia drove sales, and are in part responsible for the division’s profits. Up 74% from the first half of 2019 and over 3 times that of 2020. LVMH cites the performances of Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Celine, Loewe, Fendi and Marc Jacobs in its integrative note.

Financial exploit

LVMH’s stock value has increased by 68% during the last year. While discussing potential acquisitions with analysts, reports Bloomberg, the CFO Jean Jacques Guiony has stated that the integration of the last acquired brand, Tiffany, will require time and that the group usually doesn’t make acquisitions of that size “every two years”. That’s why, pointed our Mr. Guiony, LVMH remains interested in smaller targets (as you can read in this article published on Lineapelle Magazine) to access new markets, technology or products.


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