Fashion flies into space with Under Armour and Virgin Galactic: how much leather will there be in Spacewear?

With the signing of their partnership, announced on January 24th, Under Armour and Virgin Galactic, sub-orbital flights’ division of the airline founded by Richard Branson in 2010, the two entities have created a new branch of fashion: spacewear. Of course, how to dress and accessories astronauts is something as old as astronautics. But the US-based sportswear brand and the British corporation are taking it a step forward: they are the first to make the spacewear that is used now by a niche of engineers and experts, to the mass, which, according to the omens of Sir Branson, will be able to travel at heights of 100 kilometres above sea-level. Speaking of details of the partnership, Under Armour will manufacture clothing and footwear for the passengers. The goal is to make them: “safe, functional, comfortable and stylish”. In the same way, the brand will supply the uniforms and accessories to the personnel of Virgin Galactic, from trainers to hostesses, and engineers and the workers of Spaceport America, the space airport that the company built in New Mexico. As one can imagine, the details of these collections are still uncertain: spacewear is still a project for now, as is the possibility of having commercial sib-orbital flights for the masses. But, once a new branch of fashion is created, leather has a new challenge: it will be up to the leather segment to show Under Armour, as well as the other brands that will be active in the segment, its central role in space fashion.


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