The wisdom of Hanneli Rupert (Okapi): “Dear vegans, I respect you: but if we don’t use it, leather ends up in a landfill”

“If you are a vegan, this is your way of thinking: all right, I respect you, but I eat meat and I would prefer not to see their raw hide wasted, a by-product that would otherwise be thrown away”. These are the words by Hanneli Rupert, 34 (pictured, from Facebook), daughter of Johann, president and controlling shareholder of the Swiss luxury giant Richemont. “I think consumers should learn about facts and numbers. Right now, people are very polarized on certain issues”, continued the founding designer of Okapi, a brand that sells craft products and bags in South Africa. Okapi makes bags with ostrich, zebra, springbok and blesbok leathers. In an interview with Fashion Network, the entrepreneur also pointed out that ostrich is an animal with a reduced footprint in terms of carbon emissions. Her Okapi, with some models exceeding the price of a thousand pounds, have recently started been sold on Net-A-Porter.

In the picture, Nino Carvalho from the Facebook account of Alcalena municipality



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