Good start for Simac Tanning Tech: bright expectations for Italian and international market

Simac Tanning Tech exhibition started on time this morning: 9 o’clock on the dot. In the Lounge room president Gabriella Marchioni Bocca saluted 150 international delegates, coming from 18 countries, as exhibitors meanwhile were welcoming their early visitors. Francesco Cottino, president of Elettrotecnica B.C., points out that “ Expectations are good as we are expecting visitors from Eastern countries and South America , quite absent last year; by and large the situation is okay”. “Last fair in India was successful, despite an average number of visitors”- says Massimo Mostura (Atom). “India’s market is still not ready for our product, that is, cutting tables. From our standpoint Simac Tanning Tech is the world top fair, along with China and Brazil: we cherish hopes both for Italian clients, on whom we rely – due to amortization-to increase our sales , and for the international ones”. Likewise Carla Nagari (Torielli) is confident: “We are expecting as many customers as in the past years. We have already scheduled a number of encounters and we believe we’ll boost our sales”. According to Marco Aletti, owner of Aletti company, “we have good expectations, based on appointments prior to the fair and the ones after as well. Last year positive trend seems to hold steady, due to fast recovery, compared to the previous years. Expectations are bright both for Italian and international business market: over the past few years our sales have been slightly increasing in Italy and remarkably in Europe, taking into account that exports amount to 90%”.


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