Grease leather dresses at auction for a fundraising

The leather jacket and trousers worn by Olivia Newton-John in the film Grease ended up at an auction. The decision was taken by the Australian actress herself, who became famous thanks to the renowned film from 1978 to have succeeded in defeating a breast cancer that she had been diagnosed with in 1992, founded and now directs, in Melbourne, her hometown, the ONJ Cancer Center, a state-of-the-art facility offering a full range of services for cancer treatment, education, training and research, including a wellness centre to support the mind, body and spirit.


As told by The Independent, it is with the intention of raising funds for these structures that Newton-John decided to sell the stage costume after having exhibited it in Ireland and in the United States. Along with the leather jacket and trousers, the collection that will be auctioned includes another 200 film and television costumes, clothes, personal items and accessories owned by the Hollywood movie star, including the original Grease script whose value is estimated at 4,000 dollars.

Where and when

The auction, organized by Julien’s Auction, will take place on November 2nd in Beverly Hills, and during the sale it is expected to collect important figures: just the black leather jacket and pants worn by Sandy Olsson, the character played by the Australian actress, are estimated, at least, 200,000 dollars.


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