“I wanted to create a bag 100% made in the USA: it did not work though”

Katie Stack is a small entrepreneur from Washington. While running her leather goods business, Stitch & Rivet, she strove hard to create a bag 100% made in the USA, therefore produced in the United States and manufactured exclusively by using US materials. While speaking to Retail Dive magazine, she stressed the fact that setting the value chain was hard work indeed, but outcomes were not successful unfortunately: in fact, the model she launched was for sale in the market just for one year.

All American Tote

Well, the first ingredient to make her All American Tote was leather: “The biggest challenge I had to deal with was finding some tanneries willing to liaise with my type of company – she pointed out –, which does not manufacture thousands of items, but just a few hundreds. Social networks helped her find a solution to work out the problem. In fact, when Katie Stack succeeded, through her Instagram account, in drawing attention to her work and introducing herself as an innovative and passionate designer, full of energy, she could eventually start working in the US leather tanning industry. Yet, problems were not over.


Once she got leather, she was still in the need for accessories and small components. Finding zips made in the USA is feasible, says Stack. Conversely, getting the other components one needs to manufacture a bag is not doable. The American designer solved the problem rather sharply, as she designed a basic model by using only hides, sewing thread and zips.

A negative feedback from the market

Despite her efforts, the market did not send a positive response to Stack’s attempt to create a leather bag fully made in the USA. “My bag would be for sale at 250 dollars – she wrapped up –, but at that price customers expect a different product, something more contemporary so to speak”. All American Tote remained in the sale stores just for one year. Then they withdrew it from the market.

Picture taken from shopstitchandrivet.com


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