In V Rising, between vampires and adventures, knowing how to tan is important

In V Rising, tra vampiri e avventure, saper conciare è importante

Even in video games, knowing how to tan is important. V Rising, the vampire survival game requires a certain expertise in the art of leather. Here, leather is an essential element for upgrading both one’s “Castle Heart” and the equipment at one’s disposal. That is why it is urgent to build a tannery to process the raw hides of bears and wolves hunted in the forest. But even building the tannery is a challenge that comes with defeating a “villain”.

If knowing how to tan is important

Leather is an important material in V Rising. The first time it is required is for upgrading one’s Castle Heart with copper rods and leather. Since it is not easy to get hold of it, some specialised websites offer the solution to players. You have to build a tannery to transform the raw leathers, we said, but to receive the green light to build it you don’t need permits and authorisations, but rather victory over the “villain” named Keely, the Frost Archer. Only then can the instructions be obtained. The tannery costs eight axes and 160 raw hides. Once in operation, 16 raw leathers are needed to obtain a finished, usable leather. With a functioning tannery, the player only needs to hunt animals, especially wolves or bears, to put the leathers into production.

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