Are you ready to tan hides by playing New World?

Are you ready to tan hides and skins by playing New World?

Setting, relating to time, is around the mid-1600s. Some wild animals, such as alligators, bears, wild boars and wolves roam across woods and meadows, around marshes and rivers. Men hunt them to provision themselves with food and safeguard their own living space. Of course, they also take their hides. They tan hides to make shoes, sacks, trunks, clothes and various accessories. This is an historical condition. Yet, tanning is also a work activity one can learn and practise in the New World imaginary reality. In other words, by playing a videogame, designed and developed by Amazon Game Studio, which will be available, on a reserved platform, starting from the beginning of 2021.

A role-playing game

New World is an online role-playing game, for more players, set in the mid-1600s: players participating in the game conquer and colonise an imaginary territory land. It clearly hints at the discovery of America, aka “the New World”. Aiming to conquer the New World, players must get properly ready to engage battles, go hunting and construct villages. They carry out every activity in a very detailed way. Among all these works they carefully do, tanning hides and skins plays a relevant role indeed.

Ready for tanning hides and skins

Players are supposed to get themselves food, therefore they go hunting. According to the game rules, after capturing animals, hunters can make use of their hides and skins to manufacture clothes and protective gears that will help their safeguarding in battle. Therefore, when players decide what role will be given to their character, they may opt for tanner, which is one of the occupations they can choose. Once they make such choice, the avatar will develop his own tanning skills and, subsequently, will sell leather or clothes to the other players. Of course, the more technological progress one’s own tannery makes, the more complex and useful objects one can possibly manufacture will be. For example, in such case it will be important to match the tanning work with the armour-making one.

Realistic details

While playing the videogame, one can tan the hides and skins of several wild animals. Among others, alligators, bears, American buffalos, wild boars, cows, elks, goats, lions, lynxes, pigs and wolves. After hunting animals, players will have to skin them and take their leather: yet, it is well worth emphasizing that even in this game animals are not killed for such purpose. In fact, their meat is bound to serve as raw material for other players, who have decided to take up a chef career. In contrast, after recovering leather and taking it to tanneries, one will be able to process it by using different methods, based on needs and products one wants to make.

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