India, 12 tanneries running from Uttar Pradesh now have authorization to build in Western Bengala

The government of Western Bengala gave designated land to the first 12 tanneries, moving from Kanpur’s tanning district, that requested to build their new production sites. According to The Times of India, about 100 businesses in Uttar Pradesh are waiting for authorization to build new plants in the Calcutta region. The news isn’t shocking: the operators of the leather industry that were doing business in Kanpur and Unnao are moving after years of growing tensions with the government of the Uttar Pradesh region, that culminated with a quarterly forceful shut-down for Hindu celebrations for Kumbh Mela. The moving process to a more hospitable region, which has been working to attract all businesses escaping Uttar Pradesh, was in the air: “Western Bengala has proved to be the ideal place – explains a tanner to Times of India -: land is cheaper, and there is an airport and a port nearby”.



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