Australia’s slaughterhouses in 2019: bovines at +7%, but they will decrease

Macellazioni 2019 in Australia: +7% le bovine, ma caleranno

The number of bovines slaughtered in 2019 in Australia has reached 8.4 million units. A number that is about 7% more than in the same period of 2018. The forecast has been prepared by Meat & Livestock Australia’s analysts.

More Cows

Data shows an increase in the number of units slaughtered, most of which were bovine animals, during the second part of the year. An increment that is strictly correlated to the drought registered during the months of Spring and first few months of Winter. In total, 54% of the units slaughtered will be bovines. A factor that should inevitably lead to a reduction in the number of bovines present in the nation.

25.5 million

The reduction in volume of the bovine production capacity should bring the total number of bovines in Australia to 25.5. million units by June 2020. “With the total number of units getting smaller and the number of calves dropping for the third year in a row (from 2017 till the current year), it is improbable that the production of bovine meat will be lower than that of this 2019 before the next 2 years”, explains the MLA analyst Adam Cheetham to beef


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