In a docuseries, the sustainability of the US supply chain – VIDEO

In a docuseries, the sustainability of the US supply chain - VIDEO

The first episode is about the industry upstream of the tanning one: animal husbandry. This is why “Rewind”, the docuseries on the sustainability of the US supply chain produced as part of the “Real Leather Stay Different” campaign, starts with “farming”. Because, if there is a need (and there is a need) to clarify the ideas of the general public on the environmental impact of the fashion industry, a subject where many (especially detractors of leather and tanning) stir the pot, it is good to put the dots on all the talking points. Starting with the economic activity, livestock farming, of which tanners harvest a by-product. And which, in turn, is committed to its own path to sustainability.



In a docuseries, sustainability

The aim, we said, is to provide the public with the tools to assess the dynamics along the meat and leather supply chains. So that they can be aware consumers (and not be plagued by the rhetoric of those who only spread gall about animal husbandry and tanning). The first episode features, among others, Mauricio Bauer (senior director beef & leather supply chain at WWF), Stephen Sothmann (president of LHCA) and Frank Mitloehner (Department of Animal Science, University of California). The second episode of the docuseries will shift the focus downstream and will be called “Fashion”.

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