French fairs: Première Vision cancel the physical event to turn online

French fairs: Première Vision cancel the physical event to turn online

The ordinance promulgated by the President of France is mandatory. In fact, the French government has decided to prohibit, until 31st October 2020, whichever public event assembling in the venue more than 5,000 people. Therefore, Première Vision have cancelled the physical event, formerly scheduled in Paris-Nord Villepinte, at the exhibition area, on 15-16 September 2020. At this point, the fair edition is going to take place online in a fully digital mode.

Première Vision cancel the physical event

The organizational secretary of the exhibition publicly announced the cancellation of the Paris fair. While issuing a press release, they emphasized their early intention of confirming September edition, as per schedule, “considering the overall improvement of the health situation and the lifting of restrictions across Europe, after lockdown”. Moreover, in full compliance with “top safety standards” to the benefit of exhibitors and visitors.

Yet, by contrast, “recent decisions, made by the French government, now prohibit, until 31st October, public events assembling in the venue over 5,000 people”. Owing to such ordinance, “along with new travel restrictions, imposed in several countries, and a fresh virus outbreak, increasingly dangerous for people’s health, Première Vision eventually decided to cancel the physical event and switch to a fully virtual format”.

A digital dimension

“To cancel the physical edition of Première Vision Paris was not an easy decision – commented Gilles Lasbordes, chief manager of Première Vision –: we had to accept it, in the end, after the decree promulgated by the French government”.

Nevertheless, the online dimension of the French fair is still “alive and kicking”. As reported on the Paris exhibition portal, exhibitors’ collections will be “available by clicking” on the reserved portal. With regard to the decision made by Première Vision, UNIC – Italian Tanneries expressed their “regret and concern”.

In fact, in the same way as APLF Hong Kong, cancelled a few months ago, “we are talking about the cancellation of some events that used to create a number of valuable business opportunities for our tanneries, which consider the recovery of fair events as a message of optimism and revamp”.

In the picture, Première Vision interiors (archive photo)

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