Innovation, circularity, market, style: Lineapelle 97 is the future

Key words are clear a great deal. They are very meaningful, nearly solid. Now more than ever, perhaps, Lineapelle (whose forthcoming edition is going to be number 97) is about to kick off while providing very high-profile contents. It is no coincidence that all of them hint at a specific intention, that is, to move one’s own attention and gaze beyond the present and its edges. Therefore, “future” is going to be the common denominator on this edition. The future of materials, of green footprint in the fashion & luxury industry, of the market, of style, of training and education. Lineapelle 97, scheduled at Fieramilano on October 2-4, is going to “look ahead”.

Figures, first of all

Lineapelle 97, which is about to start shortly, will welcome over 1,270 exhibitors (coming from 46 countries). Over 20,000 buyers, coming from 114 countries, will expectedly show up at the exhibition. Furthermore, nine groups of representatives, coming from China, Korea, France, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States and Sweden, will also join the business experience, held in Milan.

The future of style, designers of the future

On this edition they will focus on winter 2020/21. The EQ acronym will outline its reference style mood. Such abbreviation stands for Emotional Quotient: it summarizes a very wide range of creative prompts based on the concept of “emotional intelligence”. Starting from such suggestion, Lineapelle exhibitors designed and assembled their samples. In addition, a large number of students will make use of it as a stimulating tip for their creative observations. They attend some of the most important fashion schools in the world. Lineapelle engaged them in a few important educational projects. That is why they will turn up at Fieramilano Rho. There we go with their names: Polimoda Florence, IUAV University of Venice, Milan Marangoni Institute (featuring Motta Pelli tannery), Milan Brera Academy, New Parsons School of Fashion New York, and Hongik University of Seoul.

The future of materials and processes

Lineapelle 97 will present the second edition of Innovation Square, “an inspiration hub – point out secretary members – which is going to convey leather and materials, for three days, to their next technological and disruptive future”. Lineapelle Innovation Square hints are going to tackle six different subjects: New Aesthetics; Nano-Technologies; Biotech; Customisation; Wearable Devices and Product Intelligence; Circularity.

The future is circular (not that news for leather)

Circularity “is going to be the real innovation at Lineapelle 97: for the very first time, the fair will hold a space fully dedicated to the peculiar identity of the leather manufacturing cycle”. The name does not require any further explanation: The Leather (Re) Cycling Exhibition. “The exhibition will variously spotlight, on different stages, Italian leather top quality. They will outline an accurate and prompting analysis of the tanning process circularity, while presenting, at the same time, six innovative case histories. More specifically, they will focus on a few companies that successfully recycle tanning scraps and waste to turn them into new products and raw materials”: namely, Aquarno (Santa Croce sull’Arno, Pisa), Consorzio S.G.S. (Santa Croce sull’Arno, Pisa), Cuoiodepur (San Romano/San Miniato, Pisa), Dal Maso Group (Arzignano, Vicenza), Officine di Cartigliano (Cartigliano, Vicenza), Po.Te.Co. – Polo Tecnologico Conciario (Santa Croce sull’Arno, Pisa), SICIT (Arzignano, Vicenza).

The future of the market

The economic situation that is knocking on Lineapelle97’s door is “complicated and diversified”. “On the one hand, demand for leather goods brands keeps being quite rewarding after all – pointed out Lineapelle Economic Department –; yet, on the other hand, the other customer products (footwear, automotive, home furnishings, apparel) have to deal with an overall economic scenario that proves to be rather uncertain on a global scale”. Such instability variously affects all the industries Lineapelle 97 exhibitors come from. In fact, in the first part of 2019, leather industry has been slowing down by 5% to 10% overall; likewise, the other exhibiting categories (accessories, components, fabrics and synthetics) have not been achieving very brilliant accomplishments either.

The future of leather

“Leather material” is facing tough times, also (most of all, perhaps) because of the continuous attacks leather is subject to, coming from several, at times unpredictable, parties. That is why Lineapelle 97 becomes the ideal stage to launch a worldwide communication campaign, promoted by UNIC – Italian Tanneries and created by a renowned international agency. “The project aims at promoting and enhancing Italian leather identity, which is quality, green and cutting-edge. It turns out to be a necessary campaign, considering the continuous attacks leather is currently subject to and highlighting that such attacks are often based on misleading knowledge and false information”.

It is time to turn over then. It is time to convey right messages and tell the truth. Inevitably, the future of leather will rest on such clearness.





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