International Footwear Forum members sign a commitment agreement against protectionism to stop customs duties and barriers

“We want a global market, open and fair, without customs duties and barriers”. National footwear associations and Chambers of Industry shared their common opinion while gathering at the International Footwear Forum (IFF), the third annual meeting that took place in Porto, on May 18-20, simultaneously with UITIC. In their joint statement, prepared and subscribed by 12 signatories (in the picture), they support effective actions to counterbalance “protectionism, which has been increasing considerably, therefore damaging footwear supply chain”. Such measures – they point out in their joint release – cause competitiveness and expansion to slow down outstandingly; furthermore, they hinder footwear manufacturers with regard to sales, employment and investments, therefore jeopardizing the business in the end. Hence, we have decided to share our commitment to working together on free and fair trade, fighting against unfair policies, such as counterfeiting and dumping. By sharing information, we want to send a clear message to our governments: footwear industry worldwide stands up against customs duties and barriers, while supporting and claiming a global market, open and fair, to sell and buy products on equal terms”. The following subscribers signed the document at IFF: Argentina (CIC), Brazil (Abicalçados), Europe (CEC), Chile (Fedeccal), China (CLIA), Colombia (Acicam), France (FFC), Italy (Assocalzaturifici), Spain (FICE), Portugal (Apiccaps), South Africa (SAFLIA) and The USA (FDRA). An important breakthrough, with regard to a few “topical” issues as well: among others, protectionist policies currently implemented by Mercosur.


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