Italy and Brazil team up to enhance certifications: ICEC and CSCB join for the Sustainability Certification Program

They signed their agreement today in Hong Kong. ICEC (the Quality Certification Institute for the Leather Sector) and CSCB (the Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability) joined forces to further enhance and reinforce the “mutual acknowledgement of certifications – as pointed out in a joint release – which are supposed to provide the leather sector with solid and sound support and assurances with regard to sustainability issues”. They signed a Partnership Agreement during the ICT annual meeting, thus emphasizing that international tanneries are going hand in hand as to “certification schemes mutually acknowledged in the PA, which represent what has been actually developed and implemented in the tanning sector” and “are an important benchmark for qualifications in the leather industry” – remarked Sabrina Frontini, director of ICEC -. The agreement focuses on three different areas that ICEC and CSCB regularly address by providing their services: environmental, social and economic issues in the leather manufacturing”. According to José Fernando Bello, executive president of CICB, this agreement will enable a profitable sector upgrading, since “tanneries have to comply with a number of strict regulations, paying close attention to sustainability issues: the agreement is evidence of our commitment to starting a new working stage based on transparency, to show consumers the role of leather in the world”. In the picture, the agreement signing today in Hong Kong.


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