JBS quarter is not too shabby, as revenues keep steady. Brazilian branch slumps though

Overall, outcomes are better than expected. Conversely, the Brazilian division, and its business, goes south. JBS’s third quarter figures are of utmost importance, as they refer to pretty tough times, as the Batistas brothers were off and minority shareholders were ready to fight, not to mention the Lava Jato scandal. Group’s net incomes (slightly more than 41 billion reals, over 10,5 billion euros) kept steady on annual basis, whereas gross profits increased by 28,2% and Ebitda margin was 10,5%. Brazil’s division difficulties have damaged JBS 2017 third quarter: in their home country the holding’s revenues dropped remarkably, -24% on annual basis, thus amounting to 5,1 billion reals (about 1,3 billion euros).


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