British tailor tv star criticizes Stella McCartney: “Synthetic fabrics are polluting oceans, leather works better”

The most relevant accomplishment achieved by Stella McCartney is the free employment of synthetic fabrics in the haute couture industry. The bad thing is that now, “18 years later”, “fish have such synthetics inside their belly”. As a matter of fact, the fashion designer, who is very well known for her extremist position against the use of leather (she would ban it completely), may employ the best available fabrics; yet, on the other hand, her behaviour has been influencing “a lot of people, who want to act the way she does”. It is no coincidence that polyurethane has been speeding up. “That’s bad shit though, since it is not biodegradable”. A reality tv show on BBC2 urged the British public to think over the sustainability issue in the fashion industry and, most of all, address with a critical eye some commonplaces, very popular among green activists. We have to say thanks to Patrick Grant (in the picture), creative director of Norton & Sons, a Londoner dressmaker, and jury member at “The Great British Sewing Bee”, a tv format (on air since 2012) where aspiring tailors challenge each other to become top professionals in the industry. While taking part in the show, broadcast on BBC2, Grant harshly criticized Stella McCartney’s discrepant attitude of mind, therefore arousing a bright debate subsequently reported in the Times and Daily Telegraph. “Perhaps we should eat less meat, but we eat it anyway – pointed out Grant –, and we’d better use bovine hides properly, rather than polluting oceans”. A spokesperson of Stella McCartney cleared up, while talking to the British press, that the brand employs top quality fabrics, which do not emit any microplastics during the washing: as a matter of fact, the company was part of Kering group, we are talking about luxury. Still we do not know, however, how the other competitors, in the lower segments, are going to take the message.


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