Lineapelle Innovation Square: three days in Milan about the future, September 25-27

Biomimetics is “the imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems”. The Internet of things (known as IoT), on the other hand, is “the connection of any device to the internet and other devices, themselves also connected”. Programmable materials are “structure compositions that are projected to be extremely dynamic in their shape and function”. These are just three (of the many) future fronts for the fashion & luxury industry, that will be discussed in-depth at the next edition of Lineapelle (Milan, September 25 27). The fair has opened, fir the first time, “an inspiration hub, where companies will get new ideas, even if they cannot apply them yet, to better focus their research on aspects that are important to them”: Lineapelle Innovation Square. Over 40 innovators from the R&D and academic industries of Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, Israel, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and USA (the complete list of individuals as well as live updates regarding the program can be found here). They will compare and discuss themes that could be perceived as non-realistic, but that are “methodologies ready to be commercialized, as well as being the most significant results of applied research in the world that rotates around Lineapelle”. A reality of industry and creativity, that can find new inputs by working with science, with a collaborative and open mind. An important note: talking about innovation, at Lineapelle, won’t just be a time to understand how the products will change in the future, but the opportunity to look forward to the new horizons that will design the fashion-work later. “Digital innovation – explain Lineapelle Innovation Square’s spokespeople -, is bringing vast changes to the management of the learning process, along with that of technological innovation. These new technologies are crossing paths with one another in unexpected ways, and they are creating new business opportunities: there are trend that could radically change the way operators learn and are trained”.


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