Marie Antoinette’s leather and silk shoe is auctioned

Marie Antoinette’s leather and silk shoe is auctioned

Marie Antoinette loved leather. French auction house Osenat Versailles (from which the pictures are taken), auctioned the leather and silk shoe owned by the monarch just a few days ago. Experts estimated the item’s value at between 8.000 and 10.000 euro: the highest bud was more than 40.000 euro.

Leather and silk shoe

The queen’s shoe measures 22cm, or a size 36. It has a 4.7cm heel and while the front of the shoe is made of silk, the back is of kidskin. The sole is also made of leather. The auction house had showcased the shoe estimating a value of between 8.000 and 10.000 euro, but, as reported by press agency Agi, the highest bid was of 43.750 euro.

Difficult story

Marie Antoinette died in 1793 during the French Revolution. The people decided she was to be guillotined, and the shoe ended up in the hands of a friend of the head maid, whose descendants have kept until today.

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