Metcha’s first year, the platform that explains leather to young people

One year of Metcha, the platform that explains leather to young people

Promoters were satisfied by Metcha’s first year. The digital platform that explains leather to Millennials and Gen Z, so that they may get closer to the material’s culture, has reached almost all the objectives it had set for itself. One of them? To reach an audience of 2 million people around the world, registering 600 million impressions and 3 million sessions on its website. All in the name of “leather intensification”.

Metcha’s first year

Metcha’s first year also included 21 collaborations with brands and designers that represented all the fields of application for the material, from fashion to automotive. “One of the projects we are most proud of – said Mata Fabiani, digital marketing expert and a collaborator of Metcha, during the webinar hosted by UNIC -, is the one with The Shoe Surgeon, artistic collective founded in Los Angeles by Dominic Ciambrone. We chose him for the passion he has for leather and created an exclusive pair of sneakers with him”.

Well done, to be repeated

For the second year of activity, Metcha’s promoters count on doubling the audience and craft at least 4 new collaborations with brands or designers. The platform aims at working, via Metcha Originals, via videos and interviews that tell the story of leather, its origin, sustainability and versatility. That’s because the target audience identified (between 16 and 38 years of age), is more interested in digital information. It’s important that they find a good and honest representation of leather: one that is “cool, interesting and accessible”, says Fabiani.

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