ISA TanTec decisively invests in Vietnam: work to build a new tannery start now

The site will include a production area and a cutting-edge waste-water treatment system, but it will also have large parking structures, a cafeteria and even a dormitory. This is the new tannery that ISA TanTec, tanning giant owner (among others) of Scamosceria del Brenta in Bassano del Grappa, is building in Vietnam. The new site will cover a 28,500 sq. meters surface and construction should be completed by the end of 2019. But expansions should continue. “TransAsia TanTec is building on a 61,500 sq. meters area that will give them enough space for future enlargements”, explains Uwe Hutzler, ceo, highlighting how the new tannery is being created “in a strategic position, in the Tay Ninh province, which is close to the already existing tanneries of the Binh Duong province and the city of Ho Chi Minh, the commerce-center for Vietnamese”. The new plant has a floor plan developed by following the Lean manufacturing principles and was developed by the collaboration between ISA and Porsche Consulting, resulting in 1,000 jobs directly inserted to the 4.0 industrial approach. These streategic choices, as explained by Jens Kaufhold, the group’s cfo for Vietnam and the United States, “will compensate for the increased labor costs that is forecasted for the years to come”.


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