Pittards: After a dark 2016, the first half is growing. Positive signals from Ethiopia

Revenues on 6% (14.2 million pounds), net debt down by one million (from £ 10.1 million on December 31, 2016, to current 9.1) and gross profit margin attested to 23.6% (it was 22.7% a year ago). The first semester 2017 is good for Pittards, Anglo-Saxon Tanning Group and Leather Accessories. “We are confident that developing our business diversification model will allow us to close the entire year positively,” says President Stephen Yapp. The group has in Ethiopia its production and precisely for the political tensions of the African country, closed a negative 2016. Pittards’ semester note does not go into the details of the performance of the ternary division. But it is argued that the positive sign is mainly due to “the company’s sales activities in Great Britain”, while from Ethiopia there is “growing demand for gloves and small but strategically important gloves, signs of recovery of the male footwear “.


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