Senegal, the High Court Punishes Clan Of Exotic Species Predators: 3 Convictions in two weeks

Two people have been convicted of catching, killing, detention and sale of protected animal species. Penalty: four months in prison and repayment of 2 million CFA francs (300,000 Euros) to the Ministry of the Environment. A third person was convicted of resisting a public officer and for having fueled brawls to obstruct police officers. Two weeks after the blitz in the store-tannery in the suburbs of Dakar, where a criminal organisation crammed 91 crocodile skin, python 354 and 110 monitor lizard, the civets, antelope and crocodile leather products, the Senegalese High Court reached the first judgments. According to the press release issued by the Palace of Justice, the measures are part of a broader strategy to counter a phenomenon, the poaching of protected species, considered a social emergency in the country.




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