The double-faced summer of the Brazilian chain: leather’s export falls 33.7% in July, while the meat segment has a new record

An export made of 9.9 million square-meters of leather, down 33.7% compared to the same month of 2017, with a total turnover now of 77.6 million USD, which is 47.6% down on yearly base. Brazil’s tanning industry, according to data provided by SECEX (Brasilia’s agency for foreign commerce), saw its numbers hit a large obstacle. The fault (one could say) is of its first three clients, China, USA, and Italy, that bought respectively 22,5%, 18,2% e 27,5% less. The effects of this slip are clear in all product-categories: Finished leather segment is down 25.3%, salted leather -26.4% and wet blue records -26.6. And while the tanning industry saw in July a horrible time-period, the meat industry has the opposite experience in August: according to Reuters’ foreseen results (waiting for SECEX to confirm them), the industry recorded a +17.6%, with more than 144,000 tons exported on yearly base. This is the best monthly result since May 2007.



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