“Leather” from wine no longer exists. Under UNIC, Wineleather changes its name

Wineleather will cease to be entitled to the terms “leather”, “eco-leather” as well as all the tendentious claims about the supposed superiority of the product over the leather. The trade name of the material itself, bearing the term “leather” changed. The Italian product, the winner of the H & M Group’s Global Change Award prize, promoted by Vegea, developed a method that made possible to get a trendy material from the fibre and the oils contained in the wine. To promote it, Vegea made abundant recourse to misleading advertisements to the public. On their site, for example, it could be read as “Wineleather could be the answer to adverse impacts on ecosystems caused by traditional animal leather industries, who sacrifice millions of animals every year and use strong acids and heavy metals that pollute waters Tanning products”. Such statements took the front pages of the national press. The UNIC (National Union of Conciary Industry) Bureau filed a complaint to Vegea asking them to refrain using specific terms and communication. The company has accepted UNIC requests.


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