World Tanning Compared. Hong Kong ICT Assembly Raising Concern For The Raw Material

Hong Kong ICT Annual Meeting, the International Council of Tanners, just closed its doors. Prices were the main subject of the fair. However, quality, trade rules and the prospects for a global market with regards to the finished leathers, were also discussed. Then measurements, certifications and sustainability protocols, through the presentation of the next World Leather Congress (Shanghai, August 29, 2017) and the initiatives of environmental footprint and labelling.  Globally, the tanning industry shares the same concern of those of their fellow European operators. The demand for finished leather is stagnant; a trend also upheld by the Chinese tanners (in the automotive and shoe sectors). The selection of raw material, however, seems more consistent but also subjected to upward pressure on price lists counterproductive. Officially approved were: future distribution, commercial guidelines for the purchase of raw material, developed by ICT independently due to the failure of negotiations with the raw material for editing the International Contract no. 6. The Assembly also heard the words of Giacomo Zorzi, ICEC, who presented standards and certification of the quality and sustainability from the Institute of Italian leather reference certification. Zorzi’s speech was followed by the technological evolution offered by Roberto Vago of Assomac.


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