The EU (Germany in the lead) allocates 100 million euros for Bangladeshi industry

The EU (Germany in the lead) allocates 100 million euros for Bangladeshi industry

Over 100 million euros to support the Bangladeshi industry and its employees. The European Union, and Germany in the lead, are about to allocate such funds in favour of the workers employed in leather goods and footwear manufacturing plants.

For Bangladeshi industry

Altogether, Bangladesh will receive from Europe 113 million euros. This money fund is part of a financial contribution to struggle against coronavirus outbreak and its consequences in the Asian country. The primary aim is to provide workers, currently employed in leather goods and footwear factories, with basic means. They will choose the recipients of the fund in partnership with the industry associations: each worker will be given around 3,000 Taka per month, that is, slightly less than 30 euros, for a three-month period at most.

The comment

“The pandemic has had negative repercussions that have been affecting, most of all, the poor, deeply hit by the crisis. Social safeguarding is therefore fundamental for people whose life conditions turn out to be rather vulnerable – pointed out EU ambassador Rensje Teerink –. We aim to implement subsistence policies to support workers, hired in the most important export industries and now unemployed, provisionally at least”. “Germany’s contribution is part of our long-term cooperation in support of textile industry workers in Bangladesh – commented German ambassador Peter Fahrenholtz –. While facing the present difficult period, we are happy to join forces, together with the European Union, to help the Bangladeshi government soften the negative effects of Covid-19 pandemic”.

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