Brazil: 10 billion dollars maxi investment for BRF

Brazil: 10 billion dollars maxi investment for BRF


BRF prepares a new maxi investment. The Brazilian player in the meat supply chain announced a ten-year development program on December 8th, 2020.

Strategy, according to plan, will allow a rapid increase in turnover, net revenues and operations. The target between now and 2030 is 100 billion real in sales. In other words, nearly 20 billion dollars.

BRF prepares a new maxi investment

As reported by Reuters, during the “BRF day 2020 – Vision 2030” on December 8, the top management of the Brazilian company announced an investment program between now and 2030. Value: 55 billion real, equal to over 10 billion dollars.

Strategy includes expansion into  both domestic market and halal markets, such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The program also includes the opening of new manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.

Numbers of the boom

First goal is to reach a turnover of 65 billion real (about 12.5 billion dollars) by 2023. Second phase foresees an increase in results of about 2.5 between 2024 and 2026.

Over this same period time, BRF expects to conquer 60% of the domestic market. Third step, the four-year period 2027-2030, should lead to a turnover of 100 billion real (about 19.3 billion dollars) and a 3-time increase in profitability compared to now.

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