Italian leather mourns Captain Adolfo Mattirolo (Conceria Mesi )

Italy’s leather tanning industry salutes one of its historical figures. Captain Adolfo Mattirolo died last week, on Saturday 24 November. He would have turned 95 years old next year in June. Mattirolo, a renowned officer in the Navy, was one of the most important representatives of the Piedmontese leather manufacturing tradition. He began his activity in the late fifties in his family-run tannery, Mesi (the acronym stands for Marocchinerie e Scamoscerie Italiane), based in Caselle Torinese, founded by his grandfather, Angelo Lattes, in 1907. Thanks to his commitment, the company developed its business in the international markets. He succeeded in conveying strongly ethical qualities, along with an innate sense of responsibility, to the company’s current managers (his son Enrico and his grandson Enrico Tabellini), who recall him as “a model of moral and human qualities for his entire family and the people he knew”. On top of that, for nearly twenty years Mattirolo was a top player in Italy’s working associations: he was the president of UNIC – Italian Tanneries from 1985 till 1989, then he was appointed vice-president in 1983 and in 1984; he was one of the council members from 1979 till 1997.


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