The highly anticipated Galaxy Fold will have a Samsung Genuine Leather case. A leather sheath (inspired by Zelda) for Nintendo Switch

Smartphone enthusiasts are awaiting the release of the Galaxy Fold (with a folding screen) set for early May. The price should be around 2,000 euros. Meanwhile, images of the leather cases, the Samsung Genuine Leather Cover Case that will have a price of $119.99 and two color variants, black and white, have appeared online. A high price compared to other cases, but proportionate to that of the device. Leather cases for the Nintendo Switch, too. They are proposed by the online store of Mr. Hydez Leather Studio, which inspires the cases of The Legend of Zelda series. All the pieces are handmade by Canadian filmmaker Ian Finch-Field, owner of the store. Prices start at $220, with the products that show the Triforce, the Hylian coat-of-arms and the symbols well known to all the fans who have tried masterpieces of the caliber of Breath of the Wild, Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask.


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